Posh Purse by Jane

To truly create a work of art (which perfectly describes everything at Posh Purse by Jane) is something we all dream of but to actually achieve such a wonderful thing is something very few of us do.

At Posh Purse by Jane, we don’t just set out to make great leather bags, purses and accessories, we set out to make wearable works of art. Every item in our range is unique, due to each one of them being made by hand using only the finest materials and constructed with precision and care by true masters of their craft.

Each clasp, each chain and even each bead in our beaded bag range is examined before use. If any defects are found, the element will be immediately discarded and will not be used. If we find the odd natural flaw in a bead which we believe will enhance the item by catching the light a particular way, or by adding an eye-catching feature, then we may keep it to one side for possible future consideration, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

We also like to recycle antique clasps on our bags and purses if we can, but only if we feel they have sufficient beauty and presence to enhance an item, and only if the condition of the clasp meets our high standards.

Beauty may indeed be in the eye of the beholder but, at Posh Purse by Jane, we believe that we really do make beautiful things. Whether it’s a Posh Purse, a Handmade Leather Handbag or an Amazing Accessory, we’re proud to show the world what we can do!

What Our Customers Think

I love my Posh Purse by Jane bag. It really feels and looks like a million dollars!

I just need to convince my husband that a girl can never have enough bags!

Kathryn, Warrington

Just wanted to say how delighted I am with my beautifully crafted brown leather purse.

It was purchased as a birthday present for me and has not left my pocket since!

Paul, Derbyshire
The handbags have arrived, thanks they are fab, such good service and delivery, much appreciated.
Justine, Winton